Multistore plugin for Woocommerce shops

Trond Eilertsen
Publisert 10. august 2014, kl. 17:32

woocommerce-multi-store-shopUntill now there has not been a plugin that lets a WooCommerce webshop owner manage and publish products across a WordPress MultiSite environment with multiple domains/web shops, at the same time let the shops work fully as normal single shops. But with the WooCommerce Multistore plugin its possible to do this.

In addition to manage and publish products across all the stores in the network, any product within inner shops can also be sold on any other shop in the network while maintenaning only the main product. Stock management is provided so that stock is the same between all stores. There is also options to separate stocks so that each shop has its independent stock.

Order managing are done by providing a main order panel displaying orders from all the web stores. Else the order management panel is the same as a normal single Wocommerce panel. Its also possible to export orders to excel files, XML and CSV so that orders can be handled outside the system.

Some plugin features:

  • All products can be replicated across the network, selling it in any store.
  • Unique Product Stock management for an easy inventory evaluation.
  • Product management available at the main product, its also possible to update or adjust product info and price for any other shop.
  • One main orders panel with all domains web shop orders. Orders can be exported to excel files.
  • All product meta data available for other shops, including the content images, the product galleries and the featured thumbnail.
  • Use Simple, Grouped, External or Variation products types.

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